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Is it possible to stop sand from running through an hourglass? Tanguy Roelandts is convinced it is.

A secret, based on the magic of an emotion, becomes a moment of pure happiness: the tasting of Puyricard's Signature chocolates;

A chocolate made with love in Tanguy's workshop; unforgettable, with deep flavors, born under the bright Provencal sky, the land of so many chef d'oeuvres.

A chocolate that you buy for you, or to give as a gift, which enables you to slip through the hourglass of the god Chronos; like diamond dust, shining again and again in you and in those you have initiated.

After living and working for almost a half century in the chocolate world, Tanguy Roelandts is now a Maître Chocolatier, directing one of France's most famous artisanal chocolate houses, one that is known throughout the world.

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The will to create new chocolate recipes, to find new flavors, to keep going forward in his art, to share it and foster the emotion, is as strong now as it was on the first day.

As a member, you will receive on a regular basis, new chocolates according to your taste, fresh, not frozen unlike most.

You will have the possibility to order « Puyricard Signature » exclusive and exceptional chocolates, choose your recipes, your flavours according to your taste. order special products such as chocolates with your portrait or logo.

Tanguy and his team of best among the best Maîtres Chocolatiers will do their best to always satisfy your desire for exceptional and exclusive products.

Members of the Puyricard Signature Club will be co-opted by Tanguy.
All will share the same ideal, the same quest for pleasure through savours, the wisdom of time found again.

Enter My Puyricard

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