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Our Pledge of quality

To taste a chocolate from Puyricard is the guarantee to savour a very high end chocolate created with the highest level of craftsmanship, the highest care by Tanguy Roelandts and his Maîtres Chocolatiers.

Our quality control requires a watchful eye during each step of the manufacturing process

Our Maîtres Chocolatiers, have to follow a lengthy and intense training period, and are carefully chosen. Chocolate is their passion.

To ensure superior quality and taste, we limit the quantities produced each day.

We do not use any preservative or artificial flavouring. We refuse to freeze our products. Each week, we manufacture fresh chocolates for your pleasure.

Our first and foremost tool is the human hand. Regarding cleanliness and hygiene, we go far beyond the requirements of the chocolate and food industry's standards. Our workshop and products follow HACCP rules (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) which is recognized as the highest control method in the industry. Our products are analyzed by an independent laboratory each and every week.

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Our ingredients, the highest quality on the market, are selected following several criterias: taste, of course, but also cleanliness, production methods, quality of the storage facilities, the way they are packaged... We systematically control every supplier and have a complete tracability on each product.

Fair trade, respect for our partners and for the environment are essential values to us. During each step of the fabrication process, we prefer to use organic products.

Our profession is to produce the best chocolates therefore we owe you the highest standards as well as a healthy product.

Speaking of which... did you know that dark chocolate fights against bad cholesterol. Furthermore, enjoying ourselves moderately lengthen life.

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