Enter My Puyricard

The Founders

Jean-Guy and Marie-Anne Roelandts

Puyricard's success is the result of long and hard work - the constant drive to stay on top of the chocolate world - started by the founders Jean-Guy and Marie-Anne Roelandts and continued today by their son Tanguy.

The story starts when Jean-Guy meets his wife-to-be, Marie-Anne.

1948: Jean-Guy is 23 and living in Belgium. His courage and adventurous spirit push him to go to Africa. He arrives in Congo after hitchhiking across the Sahara desert. In Leopoldville, he meets Marie-Anne and soon marries her.

1960: Tanguy is born while Congo is becoming Zaire. Jean-Guy and Marie-Anne are looking for a businessmen idea that would work in Europe but could be started in Africa. Their Belgian heritage guides them towards fine chocolates.

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During a trip to Brussels, they buy professional grade chocolate tools, and train with a Maître Chocolatier.

Back in Congo, they start crafting their chocolates. Through the years, Marie-Anne's chocolates are noticed, appreciated, and sought after. They become the ritual gifts for businessmen and diplomats alike.

1967: Zaire claims its independence and goes through a lot of turmoil. Jean-Guy and Marie-Anne move to Provence, near the small village of Puyricard, where they open the « Chocolaterie de Puyricard ». Success is instantaneous: Puyricard's excellence is immediately noticed, and the first store opens. Fifteen more will be added throughout the years.

More than forty years have passed. Now it is Tanguy, maestro de l'art du chocolat, who blends - like a virtuoso - a respect for authenticity and tradition with innovation, where subtle flavours are married with excellent products. The result: « Puyricard Signature », a new, exceptionally refined collection of chocolates.

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