Enter My Puyricard

A personal invitation from Tanguy

As a Maître Chocolatier I would like to share with you my world of subtle flavors. A world which I inherited from my mother and that I cherish and defend.

Her legacy is entirely in chocolate. A chocolate which must be of the highest quality, prepared in the full respect of tradition, truly authentic, and above all, truly fresh. A chocolate synonymous with happiness, one whose presence you will never forget, and one whose taste will enchant you every time it graces your mouth. This chocolate, ever constant, will be the sparkle in your life. Whether for small or grand occasions, Puyricard Signature chocolates will leave an indelible impression.

Fair trade: Tanguy offers tools to small cocoa tree growers to help with the gathering of the chocolate pods

Come with me and open the door onto my world, the world of the « Chocolaterie de Puyricard ». As a child I spent every free moment there. As a teenager, I apprenticed in the workshop after school. And now as a Maître Chocolatier in my own right, I am proud to continue the tradition, proud of the exceptional quality we produce. Come share with us the wide variety of chocolates which so delight the palates of chocolate lovers both amateur and world-renowned.

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